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The National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) has numerous opportunities for individuals to get involved. Find out how to become an NYEC member to get access to members-only services, events, and resources.To view a complete listing of our current Members and Contributing Members, visit the Member List.

NYEC strives to improve the effectiveness of organizations that seek to help youth become productive citizens. Representing member organizations nationwide, our diverse membership network includes direct service providers; local and state education, workforce, and other public agencies; research and policy organizations; national organizations; local, state and national networks; and technical assistance providers. NYEC is a significant contributor in the development of youth policy and the improvement of workforce development, youth development, and education practices.


Projects and Initiatives

Member Services: NYEC members receive cutting-edge information and resources from across the fields of youth development, workforce development and education via meetings, legislative email updates, a monthly YouthNotes newsletter, conference calls, NYEC's web site, and opportunities to inform the work of NYEC. NYEC members participate in a myriad of Working Groups, Affinity Groups and Committees on issues pertaining to policy, advocacy, quality standards, effective practice, education, and professional development.

Policy and Advocacy:  NYEC tracks youth policy to inform its members about current developments, emerging issues, and the implications for their work. NYEC works closely with policymakers to craft legislation and policies that are informed by current research and practice in the fields of workforce development, youth development, and education. NYEC also influences policy and legislation by mobilizing its grassroots membership and through direct advocacy efforts.

Promising and Effective Practices Network (PEPNet):  PEPNet is the premier resource in the United States on what works in programs that link youth to work and education to promote a successful transition to adulthood. PEPNet is a user-friendly system based on the most up-to-date information from research and field-based practice. PEPNet is comprised of pieces that work together: the PEPNet Standards are the goals for programs to aim towards; the PEPNet Tools are resources to help achieve these goals; and  the PEPNet People are the network of nationally-recognized programs and other professionals who share practical strategies, examples, and lessons about successful efforts with youth. PEPNet helps youth programs, funders, policy makers, and others who support youth programs to build on proven strategies; assess program quality; identify successes; plan and implement improvements; educate others about quality practice; identify areas for support or assistance; inform funding, oversight, and policy development; determine results; and more. NYEC is currently piloting a PEPNet-based accreditation process for youth workforce development, youth development, and education organizations. Once the Pilot is complete, NYEC plans to expand this process into an annual PEPNet Accreditation.

NYEC Education Development Network (EDNet) is a continuous improvement tool for education programs and schools serving vulnerable youth. NYEC EDNet consists of detailed criteria identified as common to quality education programs and schools by a national working group of educators, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers; and a comprehensive self-assessment that helps education programs and schools improve their services and informs policymakers, funders, and the public about what works for youth.

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disabilities for Youth: NYEC serves as a key partner in this Collaborative, which assists state and local workforce development systems to better serve youth with disabilities. To date, NYEC has established a practitioner's network, and co-authored papers on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of youth service practitioners as well as on the subjects of youth development and youth leadership.

Expanding and Financing Education Options: NYEC is helping states, local communities, and education systems to better serve struggling students and out-of-school youth. NYEC's Expanding Options: State Financing of Education Pathways for Struggling Students and Out-of-School Youth (2008) and Financing Alternative Education Pathways: Profiles and Policy (2005) highlight how alternative education schools and programs access education funds. NYEC also hosts cross-site learning events for local and state leaders interested in developing community and state capacity to increase options for struggling students and out-of-school youth. 

The Postsecondary Success Initiative is a national pilot to identify strategies, practices and interventions to help low income youth and young adults access and obtain a postsecondary credential. Pilot sites have been selected through a competitive request for proposals.  NYEC will coordinate and deliver intensive services, supports, training and investment to the pilot sites. Knowledge and lessons learned will be used to inform policy and advocacy efforts at the federal and state levels to better serve disconnected youth as they transition to postsecondary pathways.

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