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Sample Spending Cuts Letter Template - 2 25 13.doc
Sample Spending Cuts Letter Template - 2 25 13.doc
Spending Cuts Letter - FEB 2013 Final - SEN LaborH Approps.pdf
Spending Cuts Letter - FEB 2013 Final - SEN LaborH Approps.pdf
NYEC Member OPP Featured in Wall Street Article About Job Disparity Among Youth

How I Found My First Big Job- Finding Work After Sending Out 100 Applications, Taking an Unpaid Internship

The State of City Leadership for Children and Families 1/20/2010
This groundbreaking new YEF Institute report identifies the nation‚??s 32 most cutting-edge city innovations to help children and families thrive, and documents emerging and established trends in municipal leadership to promote child and family well-being. 

Building on the YEF Institute‚??s intensive work with hundreds of cities over the past decade, The State of City Leadership for Children and Families highlights the progress that cities have made and the potential for future action in nine areas.

The publication was released October 13, 2009, before more than 350 municipal leaders attending the 2009 National Summit on Your City‚??s Families in Boston.

Arsalyn's Democracy in Action
Arsalyn's Democracy in Action civic education project brings high school students trained by their teachers into elementary schools to teach students about democracy and voting.
Community Builders: Teens Turning Places Around
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people of all ages create the kinds of places that build communities.
What if community service was as cool as sports? Do Something strives to make this a reality. We inspire, support, and celebrate the ability of young people to change the world.
Listen, Inc.
Local Initiative Support Training and Education Network, Incorporated (LISTEN) is a national capacity building nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop youth leadership and strengthen the social and economic capital of urban youth, ages 14 - 29, for civic engagement and community problem solving.
Mobilizing America's Youth
Mobilizing America's Youth (MAY) is an all-partisan network dedicated to educating, empowering, and energizing young people to increase our civic engagement and political participation.
Rock The Vote
Register to vote and learn about upcoming elections .
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