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Improving Youth Programs and Outcomes in Washington, D.C.
Far too few young people in the District of Columbia transition successfully to adulthood by completing high school, earning a post-secondary credential and finding employment. As of 2013, 9 percent of all 16-24 year olds in DC fell into the category of disconnected youth â?? not enrolled in school, not employed, low-income, and with low levels of education. These are findings from a new report, â??Improving Youth Programs and Outcomes in Washington, DC,â?? by Brookings Fellow Martha Ross and education and workforce strategist Mala B. Thakur, formerly the Executive Director of the National Youth Employment Coalition. The report argues that the poor educational and employment outcomes among many D.C. youth programs demand a serious and sustained response by the city, funders, educators, nonprofits, and employers. The authors offer the following recommendations: 1) Invest in performance management and quality improvement at the program level, supporting organizations in rigorously reviewing how they can do the most good for those they serve 2) Develop a more coherent system providing progressive levels of education, training, and support services to prepare young people for jobs and advancement.
LAYC Job Opening Career Academy Principal

LAYC Job Opening: Career Academy Principal

NYEC Job Opening - Executive Assistant
Executive Assistant Position Description - July 2011
MarylandCAN Executive Director
The executive director will be responsible for bringing the winning 50CAN model to life in Maryland's unique political and policy landscape. Working in collaboration with the 50CAN national team, the executive director will drive a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the need for education reform grounded in Maryland-specific research and policies. During summer 2011, the executive director will help recruit two additional Maryland team members, a head of government relations and a head of community relations, to complete the three-person MarylandCAN campaign team. The executive director will also work with the 50CAN national team and the MarylandCAN advisory board to prepare the new organization for its official launch in fall 2011.
Member Services Associate Position Description
Member Services Associate Position Description - May 2011
Job Opening at Phildelphia's Office of Multiple Pathways
Job Opening at Phildelphia's Office of Multiple Pathways
LAYC Montgomery County Job Opening

Montgomery County Youth Workforce Program Director

Job Opening at See Forever Foundation

See Forever Foundation in Washington D.C. is seeking a Director to launch and lead a new campus of the Maya Angelou Public Charter School.  The campus, to be known as the Young Adult Learning Center (YALC), will open in September, 2011 and serve young people who do not have a high school credential.  The YALC  will ultimately serve up to 150 students between the ages of 17 ?? 24, many of whom may be or were at one time under the supervision of the District??s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

The Director of See Forever??s Young Adult Learning Center will begin in November, 2010.

NYEC Administrative Assistant Job Description
US Department of ED Competition for Promise Neighbors
US Department of ED Competition for Promise Neighbors
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