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WIOA Support Press Release - 6/5/2014
The June 5th, 2014 press release from Congress summarizing the supportive comments, regarding the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, submitted by stakeholders around the country.
NYEC Legislative Alert - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
This alert concerns the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - a compromise bill between House and Senate leaders to reauthorize the Workforce Investment Act.
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - May 21, 2014
This bill represents an agreement between leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate regarding the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act. Subsequently, the content of this bill is both bipartisan and bicameral in nature. It exists as a comprehensive amendment to the Houses' SKILLS Act (H.R.803), which was passed by the House in early 2013.
NYEC FY 2015 Appropriations Letter Template - May 2014
This is a letter template for organizations and advocates across the coutnry to use when writing their own communications to Congressional appropriators regarding funding for FY 2015.
NYEC Legislative Alert - FY 2015 Appropriations
This alert is about appropriations for fedearl fiscal year 2015.
NYEC FY 2015 Appropriations Letter - May 2014
This is a letter that NYEC submitted in May 2014 to Appropriations Committees in the Senate and House of Representatives regarding funding for FY 2015.
Performance Partnership Pilots Consultation Paper - 4/28/14
This paper, released on April 28, 2014, provides context and proposes some initial design considerations related to the Federal objectives in implementing Performance Partnership Pilots. It also offers key questions that can be used to facilitate discussions that can confirm, refine, or challenege potential design elements and offer responsbile alternatives.
NYEC Legislative Alert - Representative Kildee Dear Colleague Letter
The alert concerns a Dear Colleague Letter that Representative Kildee was circulating in April 2014 regarding youth employment initiatives.
FY2015 President's Budget
Obama releases FY 2015 budget.
Press Release: Congressman Dan Kildee 19 February 2014
Congressman Dan Kildee Introduces Legislation Aimed at Reducing Violence, Increasing Opportunity for Mid-Michigan Youth Through Education and Employment
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