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NYEC's The Promising and Effective Practices Network (PEPNet)

PEPNet is a system for enhancing the quality of programs that link young people (ages 12 to 25) to work and education in order to promote a successful transition to adulthood through Communities of Practice. The PEPNet initiatives involve leading communities and systems of youth-serving organizations, funders, and policy-makers through quality-improvement processes that lead to research-based, field-tested, service and continuous quality improvement and performance management practices. To explore the evolution of PEPNet further please click here.

NYEC's PEPNet builds Communities of Practice by:

1) Continually developing and promoting vetted quality standards and practices.
2) Building and strengthening the capacity of organizations, funders, and advocates to understand and strengthen their organizations to best serve youth using the vetted PEPNet tools. Click here to learn about one way to use our tools in the Continuous Improvement Process, or our Communities and Systems work.
3) Sharing information with the field, and advancing the discourse on data and quality by facilitating informed dialogue among our PEPNet network of stakeholders and engaging communities and systems with the PEPNet process.
NYEC has compiled our standards, practices, and measurement tools in our PEPNet publications.

The PEPNet portion of our website is currently under renovation, please excuse any dead links and contact [email protected] for more information.

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