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National Youth Employment Coalition

Board of Directors - CHAIR

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Position Summary

The board chair is the senior volunteer leader of NYEC who presides at all meetings of the board of directors, and other meetings as required.

Key Responsibilities

Works with the Executive Director and the board to:

  • Establish the guiding principles, policies, and mission for the organization, for example, by initiating a regular review of NYEC's strategic plan and mission to keep them fresh and relevant;
  • Oversee NYEC's budget and the integrity of NYEC's finances;
  • Build and maintain a strong board;
  • Cultivate leadership among individual board members;
  • Identify and recruit new board members who bring important perspectives, knowledge, and skills to the board; and
  • Develop plans for sustaining NYEC's work and in supporting staff in sustainability and fundraising efforts.

Board meetings. Leads and facilitates board meetings by developing the agenda with the Executive Director and making sure that the agenda is followed, that every board member has the opportunity to participate in discussions, and that the board uses proper decision-making procedures.

Board committees. Serves as an ad hoc member of all board committees and works to structure a committee system that contributes to the board's and NYEC's overall success.

Executive Director oversight and support. Coordinates with Board members to oversee the hiring, evaluation and compensation of NYEC's Executive Director, and works with the Board to develop a succession plan for the Executive Director position. Is available to the Executive Director for counsel and advice.

Board evaluation. Works with the board to make sure the board has opportunities to reflect regularly on how well it is meeting its responsibilities to the organization.

Public relations and communications. Communicates on behalf of the board to outside audiences and to the NYEC membership; represents NYEC at meetings and events; oversees the development of communications policies; and promotes NYEC.

NYEC meetings. Makes every effort to attend major meetings convened by NYEC. 



Adapted from Leadership Roles in Nonprofit Governance, by Robert F. Gale for BoardSource, 2003.

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