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Update on Nashville: As many of you know, this year the National Youth Employment Coalition held its Member's Forum in Nashville, TN. Due to a number of inquiries, NYEC wishes to inform our membership that our colleagues from Tennessee who hosted and joined us for the Forum are doing fine. The community as a whole is struggling due to both the floods and the aftermath, even as relief efforts are underway. Despite the immediate struggle, the Greater Nashville community is working in concert to move forward and our colleagues have started resuming their crucial roles in helping young people. We thank Nashville and our Tennessee colleagues for the hospitality that was shown during this year's Forum and we hope the community experiences a speedy recovery.


Member's Forum Agenda and Participant List


Booklet Agenda with Discussion Sessions: Click Here.

Discussion Session handouts:

Big Ideas Concepts: Click Here.

Participant List: Click Here.


The 2010 Members Forum featured sessions on the issues and topics listed below.


- Breakout Sessions -

Policy & Advocacy Practice, Service Delivery & Professional Development Building Partnerships & Expanding Resources Working with Youth
  • Secondary School Reform & Out-of-School Youth
  • Financing Secondary & Postsecondary Pathways
  • WIA Reauthorization and Implementation
  • State & Local Policy Trends & Innovations
  • Communication Success - Marketing & Message
  • Strategies for Sharing Effective Local Policies Among NYEC Members
  • Measuring & Documenting Outcomes
  • Preparing Youth for High Growth, High Demand and Emerging Industries
  • Promoting Success in Postsecondary Education
  • Youth Involvement & Youth Governance
  • Connecting to Employers
  • Promising Program Models
  • Sharing Data Across Multiple Partners/Systems
  • Collaborating with Community Colleges
  • Cross-System Collaboration
  • Tapping into Non-WIA State & Federal Dollars
  • Connecting to Career & Technical Education
  • Trends in Private Philanthropy Aligning and Leveraging Federal, State & Local Funding
  • Serving Court-Involved Youth and Young Adults
  • Serving Out-of-School Youth
  • Serving Foster Care Youth in Transition
  • Serving Youth With Disabilities
  • Serving Homeless & Unaccompanied Youth



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