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The National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) is pleased to offer NYEC Members and Non-Members the opportunity to create an NYEC Database Account.  Features of the Database Account include access to additional resources, listserv communication, and contact information. This account is separate from the members-only Web Login and cannot be used to access documents such as YouthNotes. Below you will find a list of features you will receive once you create an account.

Not sure if your organization is a member? Find out through our Membership Directory.

If your organization is an NYEC Member:

NYEC encourages all individuals in a Member Organization to create an NYEC Database Account. In doing so, individuals will have full access to both the NYEC Database Tools as well as the NYEC Web Login, which provides access to resources such as YouthNotes. Login Names and passwords are identical for each account, however, if you have trouble logging in or do not remember your password, you can select "Forgot Your Password" and have it emailed to you. If you still cannot login, or if major changes occur within your organizations contact information (such as staff changes), please contact NYEC at [email protected] for immediate assistance.

To access your NYEC Database Account: Enter your Login Name (typically an email address) and password at

Account Features

* Receive all members-only email communications including Weekly Updates and YouthNotes
* Be notified of NYEC meetings, conferences and events for information sharing and networking
* Order NYEC publications
* Receive timely legislative updates and alerts
* Full access to Members-Only website
* First-to-know grant and funding opportunities
* Renew Membership easily online
* Update personal contact information
* Register for upcoming members-only events such as the Members Forum
* Donate to NYEC
* Join an NYEC Working Group

If your organization is not an NYEC Member:

NYEC is at its core a membership organization and encourages you to become involved. One way to do that is to create an NYEC Database Account which aims at providing you with tools to improve the effectiveness of your organization in the fields of youth development, workforce development, and education. Interested in becoming a member? Find out more here.

To create and access your NYEC Database Account: Visit 
and select "Create an Account" to fill in your account information. We suggest you use your email address for your Login Name. After you've entered the necessary information, enter your Login Name and password to sign onto the site.

Account Features

* Join NYEC to become an NYEC Member Organization. View our Member Benefits.
* Order NYEC publications
* Be automatically added to our listserv to receive limited email communication on breaking news, recently released reports, and more
* Donate to NYEC
* Update your personal contact information

Questions? Contact NYEC at 202-780-5928 or [email protected].


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