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Members Forum 2011 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the 2011 NYEC Members Forum?

NYEC's Members Forum is a unique gathering of NYEC members who are leading thinkers and professionals in the fields of youth development, workforce development, and education. This member-driven, member-focused meeting provides attendees valuable opportunities to learn about topics and issues most significant to their work.

How are NYEC Members Forum Discussion Sessions different from your typical conference discussion session, workshops or presentations?

NYEC Members Forum Discussion Sessions are structured in a content-rich, interactive peer-learning format facilitated by members and designed to encourage dialogue on effective practice, cutting-edge research, trends, and innovations for youth-serving organizations, systems and policy. Direct service providers, researchers, policymakers, advocates and staff from public agencies, national networks, intermediaries and technical assistance providers from across the nation participate together in these sessions, offering an opportunity for many of us to break the silos of our day to day engagement and to go beyond the "usual suspects" that we may encounter in our day to day work.

In previous surveys of members regarding the NYEC Members Forum, peer learning and the exchange of resources were mentioned repeatedly as key reasons for attending the Forum.  In order to facilitate this, all discussions are set in a conference or hollow-square format, and  in general, the only a/v will be an easel with a flipchart and markers.

What is the typical NYEC Members Forum like?

To see the full program of events, participant list, breakout session topics and other information for the 2010 NYEC Members Forum which took place April 8-10 in Nashville, TN, view the 2010 NYEC Members Forum Program Booklet.

What does a NYEC Members Forum Discussion Session Leader do?

NYEC Members Forum Discussion Session Leaders are asked to act as faciliators, rather than presenters, of an interactive, focused session, exploring the topic at hand and using the session questions as a guide.  Because discussion sessions are designed to provide members an opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experiences of all who are present, we encourage discussion leaders to come prepared to introduce the session topic and have some thoughts in mind to spark conversation, but avoid dominating the conversation and attempt to engage all members present. For more information, view the NYEC Members Forum Discussion Leader Guide.

What are the topics for the 2011 NYEC Members Forum Discussion Sessions?

Broadly, the 2011 NYEC Members Forum will cover the following four topic areas:

  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Practice, Service Delivery, & Professional Development
  • Building Partnerships & Expanding Resources
  • Working With Youth

For more specific information on breakout session topics, please check back for a full 2011 NYEC Members Forum Agenda. If you have a specific discussion session topic that you would like to see covered, please consider submitting a 2011 NYEC Members Forum Discussion Session Proposal.

How do I submit a proposal for a 2011 NYEC Members Forum Discussion Session?

The deadline is submit an RFP has passed.



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