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Resources and materials from the 2012 Members Forum will be added as they are received from this year's discussion leaders.

Friday, March 23
Discussion Session Title:
Engaging Employers: Beyond the Handshake - Unique Strategies That Work in Tough Times
Discussion Leader(s): Patricia D. Gill, Senior Program Associate, Institute for Educational Leadership, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Helping Students Select Best Bet Career Options/Pathways
Discussion Leader(s): Clare Bertrand, Back on Track Senior Project Manager, Jobs for the Future, Boston, MA

Discussion Session Title: Getting and Keeping High-Performing Staff
Discussion Leader(s): Kim Coulthurst, Partner, Pathways Consultants, Oakland, CA

Discussion Session Title: Integrating Workforce Development and Education:  A Cross-System Collaboration
Discussion Leader(s): Hector Rivera, Chief Operating Officer, Our Piece of the Pie, Inc., Hartford, CT

Discussion Session Title: Policy and Advocacy - Outlook for 2012 and Beyond
Discussion Leader(s): Scott Cheney, Staff Director, Senate HELP Committee on Employment and Workplace Safety, Mala B. Thakur, Executive Director, National Youth Employment Coalition, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Next Generation Accountability: Aligning Data, Practice, and Policy
Discussion Leader(s): Jennifer Brown Lerner, Senior Director, American Youth Policy Forum, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Promoting Opportunities for the Success of Young Men of Color
Discussion Leader(s): Linda Harris, Director of Youth Policy, Center for Law and Social Policy, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Making Youth Employment a Federal Budget Winner
Discussion Leader(s): Matthew Rager, YES Program Manager, EmployIndy, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Discussion Session Title: Working with and Building Bridges with Socially Responsible For-Profit Companies to Create Career Pathways for Youth
Discussion Leader(s): Jacobs, Director of Business Development & Transitional Employment, Roca, Chelsea, MA

Discussion Session Title: Job Applications 2012: Helping Youth Stand out from the Crowd
Discussion Leader(s): Dan Griffith, Senior Vice President and Mary McDowell, Vice President, Northern National Sales Manager, Steck Vaughn Adult Education, Austin, TX

Discussion Session Title: Loosening the Purse Strings: What Gives?
Discussion Leader(s): Tad Asbury, Executive Director, Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities, Bethesda, MD

Discussion Session Title: Education Re-engagement Centers: Why are They Spreading, How are They Working?
Discussion Leader(s): Andrew Moore, Senior Fellow, National League of Cities, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Weadership - Partnering with and Supporting a New Generation of Youth Leaders
Discussion Leader(s): Kristin Wolff, Aspiring Rainmaker; Chandra Larsen, Technical Assistance Specialist, Social Policy Research Associates, Oakland, CA

Discussion Session Title: Passion For Youth
Discussion Leader(s): Lori Strumpf, Strumpf Associates, Washington, DC and youth leaders: Alexis Medina, Domonique (DJ) Lipscomb, Krystal Rocha, and Travion Davenport, Riverside County, CA

Discussion Session Title: Practical Applications of the PEPNet Quality Standards: Lessons and Programmatic Impacts from the Field
Discussion Leader(s): Stephanie Eppe, Director, Quality Standards and Practice, Wendy Hedges, Project Manager, NYEC, Washington, DC

NYEC PSI Working Group Launch Materials

Saturday, March 24
Discussion Session Title:
Promoting Success in Post Secondary Pathways
Discussion Leader(s): Sandra Ramos, Co-Program Manager, Urban Teacher Fellowship, South Bay Center for Community Development, El Segundo, CA; Krysta Esquivel, Program Director, YMCA Youth & Family Services, San Diego, CA

Discussion Session Title: Building Quality Mentoring Programs
Discussion Leader(s): Lisa Johnson, Senior Project Officer, FHI 360, Washington, DC

Discussion Session Title: Successful Strategies for Concurrent Enrollment
Discussion Leader(s): Jill R. Toussaint, Director of Academic Advising and Postsecondary Options, G.O.A.L Academy, Westminster, CO

Discussion Session Title: Strategies to Increase Retention and Completion of Formerly Disconnected Youth through the Postsecondary Success Initiative: Updates from the Field.
Discussion Leader(s): Monique Miles, Director of Postsecondary Achievement, NYEC, Washington, DC,
Yelena Nemoy, Project Associate, NYEC, Washington, DC, Representatives from the PSI sites

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