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NYEC's Continuous Improvement Process

NYEC's PEPNet Continuous Improvement Process is conducted by NYEC and utilizes the PEPNet tools and Publications.  The process assists in building the capacity of direct service providers who work with youth through an orientation to comprehensive quality standards, organizational self-assessment, improvement action planning, and peer-to-peer network building and information sharing. The process can be facilitated with one organization, or multiple organizations, and spurred by the organization(s) themselves or a funder, to create a community of promising practice, in our Community & Systems model. The process can be tailored to the goals of the organization(s) participating; following is a generic outline of the process that can be modified to a certain extent. The Timeline can range from around 4 months to a year depending on how the process is designed.

Outline of the process:

Step 1: Orientation
NYEC staff facilitate an orientation with program staff

Step 2: Data Collection
Program staff distribute surveys by email or in paper to staff, stakeholders, youth participants and board members. The surveys taken online NYEC will automatically have access to, those on paper can be sent to NYEC and NYEC will input the data.

Step 3: Data Analysis
NYEC staff will analyze survey response data and compile a comprehensive report with recommendations and analysis of responses, including charts to visually represent data.

Step 4: Debriefing and Action Planning
NYEC Staff facilitate a debrief on the results and a workshop with the NYEC Action Planning Template. This session varies widely on the number or programs participating and the goals of the program(s).

Step 5: Follow Up
NYEC will remain a resource for the program(s) over the following months.

Benefits of the Process:

Some benefits experienced by past participants are as follows:

  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • Stepping away from day to day operations to examine the program as a whole
  • Learning about the opinions of external stakeholders
  • Gathering together with staff they may not work with on a daily basis
  • Increasing Board involvement
  • Leverage with funders to show programs have a culture of improvement
  • Starting new projects based on recommendations from the report
  • Using of the report in strategic planning processes

    Contact [email protected] to learn about going through the Continuous Improvement Process with your organization or program. We most commonly use this process with a Community & Systems approach  to accumulate a larger pool of data, but we are willing to work with organizations to tailor the process for them.
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